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Provincetown is lucky to have Will Coons around, with his deep knowledge of yoga and a variety of forms of massage. Whenever guests staying at my inn ask about yoga classes or getting a massage i point to Will’s card and send them on their way.  I have personally benefitted from his multi-level, jolly yoga class of a summer’s morning on the outdoor deck, as well as from his healing massage techniques. The intelligence he brings to his work is a pleasure.  As someone who has studied yoga in a few cities for more than twenty years, i can tell you he ranks very high among the teachers i have encountered.  On top of that he has a generous, kind way about him that makes it a pleasure to bump into him.  Sincerely, Mary J. Martin,Proprietor, White Horse Inn, Provincetown, Massachusetts June 2016

Will Coons brings care, kindness, a good sense of humor and love to every class he teaches/assists! Kristin O, Palm Springs, CA April 2016

Just wanted to say THANK YOU for being not only a great Yoga Instructor but just an ubber-cool person! It’s what brought me back week after week. Lisa P, Palm Springs, CA March 2016

I’m glad I got to experience your class.  It was beautifully done, gentle and yet I did feel it wonderfully in my body.  Your expertise, gentleness and warmth genuinely comes through. Deb S, Palm Springs, CA March 2016

Even on the gloomiest days you bring sunshine and discovery to an inclement day. I wanted you to know that I look forward to this vacation all year and a big part of the joy is yoga with your vaudeville humor on the Boatslip Deck. I feel very fortunate to have discovered such a funny and excellent instructor in such a breathtaking setting. Linda O’, Melrose, MA,  July 2015

Yoga by the sea❤❤❤Thank you Will for the beauty, energy & rejuvenation of our bodies & spirit which you share with so many of us~~** Diane S, Truro, MA July 2015

As I clean the remnants of my Ptown vacation I want to send a huge Thank You ???????? to Will Coons. Its not often I feel relaxed and happy after a yoga class other than my teachers and I feel grateful to have resonated with your style, grace and sense of humor. Have a wonderful summer! Carolyn D., Newton, MA July 2015

Thank YOU for teaching a wonderful class!! We loved the mix of very helpful and challenging poses with your humor and positive energy! Everyone was beaming for hours after 🙂 –comment from a private bachelorette yoga class. Emily W, N Truro, MA, May 2015

A vacation in Ptown would not be complete without starting Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays on the Boat Slip deck doing yoga under the direction of one of the most skilled, engaging and entertaining yoga instructors I have ever met.. a perfect was to jump start the day ! See you there! John McD., Boston, MA April 2015

My husband and I enjoyed a wonderful yoga class with Will at the Annenberg Estate in Rancho Mirage, CA. last week. The class was very lively and challenging and Will gave great explanations of each of the poses that we practiced. Bravo Bravo Will! Keep up the good work! Lois P., Rancho Mirage, CA April 2015

Will’s yoga classes are the best. Have taken many classes over the years and there is not another instructor that comes close to Will! Hope you will tape some of your classes and sell DVDs so we can enjoy your classes all year long. Judie K. M, Palm Springs, CA, March 2015

For many years now one of the high points of a week or two in Ptown has been M W F yoga on the Boat Slip deck with Will. He is, bar none, one of the finest yoga instructors I have been blessed to work with.. With a winning sense of humor (think Paul Lynd) and under it all a current of profound spiritual understanding of the power of yoga (think that great gay guru Ram Dass) a morning of yoga with Will Coons is the PERFECT way to begin a summer day in Ptown! John M, Boston, January 2015

I really enjoyed my three sessions on the deck recently. I love the way you vary the program for each class and your creating an environment that’s comfortable and welcoming to a beginner yet challenging to an experienced yogi. The fact that you provide mats, blocks, straps, sunscreen, paper towels, antiseptic wipes and tons of humor make the class a real treat for vacationers who can’t lug all that stuff with them and who may be in need of some friendly camaraderie. My fellow yogis in my condo party room class here viewed my photos of our classes on the deck with envy! Charles P, Arlington, VA, September 2014

We had such a wonderful two weeks in provincetown in august, and dave and i both felt that your class was a huge part of setting the tone for our time there (as always for me, and new for dave). We have continued to practice yoga regularly since returning home, though we have to imagine the boatslip view and your calming presence. Emily D, Baltimore, September 2014

I only get to take a few of your classes each year and I have to say they are the best yoga classes I have ever taken.    This year in particular I had hip problems and after your class was able to move better. Judie, September 2014

Thank you Will for always enhancing our guests visit with your humor, your grace and your yoga instruction. Jane, CO and MA, September 2014

Will, have you ever considered taping your yoga classes and selling DVDs?  I only get to take a few of your classes each year and I have to say they are the best yoga classes I have ever taken.    This year in particular I had hip problems and after your class was able to move better.  Judie M, September 2014

I really enjoyed your class and massage this past July and look forwardto seeing you next summer. Janice O, New Hampshire, September 2014

I came to your Boatslip class one fine summer day a couple of years ago and thought it was great. I’ve not made it to yoga there since, but I appreciate getting your emails and what you’ve been sharing. Liz O, September 2014

Yoga on Friday was wonderful. As usual. Susan, September 2014

The class was great today. I really enjoyed myself. Thank You!!! John J, CT, July 2014

I am glad you will be returning to the Boatslip.  I participated two years ago and loved the classes, the location, and especially your energy and humor. Mary-Jo A, Boston, May 2014

You won’t remember me but I am a long time fan and I have been coming to the boat slip for your classes for a long time. Becky T, May 2014

I always enjoy your class when staying at the Boatslip and enjoy your emails as well. Michelle S, May 2014

I really enjoyed and benefitted from your classes at the Boatslip. Michael C, June 2013

Your Monday/Wednesday/Friday morning classes on the deck at the Boatslip are truly a highlight of my annual summer week in P-town, and I’m grateful that you’ll be continuing that tradition. Tom S, May 2013

Your sense of humor always makes class fun. Ro A. P., May 2013

I loved meeting you, taking your classes and having that scrumptious massage! JP, Phoenix, AZ, 2013

Thanks for all of your kindnesses and effort! Ptown is lucky to have you. Carol, 2013

Your Monday/Wednesday/Friday morning classes on the deck at the Boatslip are truly a highlight of my annual summer week in P-town, and I’m grateful that you’ll be continuing that tradition. TS

I want to thank you for your teaching. I appreciate your grace. You embody a life of diligent loving and serious practice with levity on top. Margie D., July 2013

During the past couple of weeks I have taken several yoga classes with Will Coons that he has been offering at the Provincetown Community Ctr. The winter classes are a great opportunity to focus on technique, since the classes tend to be small. I can honestly state that my body joints feel the benefits creating strong sensation of ease of movement throughout the day. Will has a terrific positive style and the level of yoga is geared to the participants of each class. I have also taken a number of the classes he offers outside during the summer overlooking the harbor. I only wish my summer schedule permitted full participation in that series. His classes are a great opportunity for anyone to relax the stresses of a day. Steve H, Provincetown, MA, March 2013

Will is amazing. His authenticity, energy and joy flow seamlessly through the class. He is caring, professional and approachable. By attending these classes you feel your life force pulse through you and the world. Don’t miss them. You will thank yourself for attending, feel better, stronger, more alive and happier when you do. Tom H., Ireland, March 2013

Will is a skilled, knowledgeable, socially-responsible, humorous and intuitive teacher. He is also a wonderful massage therapist. After working out in several of his classes, he gave me a great massage that worked out all my kinks and got me in a perfectly-balanced state for my LONG flight home. Joan P., Phoenix, Az, 2013

I highly recommend him to everyone that wants to experience fun, challenging classes and a very talented massage therapist all rolled into one person.

You always help me feel & look fabulous after every class. Thanks so much for being you. Michelle, Provincetown, December 2012

Can I just say for the umpteenth time that I LOVE your class? Jo, Provincetown, October 2012

Thank you for being you, will, a source of love, laughter and clarity in our vibrant town. Kim, Truro, 2012

One of the most wonderful yoga experiences ever was taking a class with Will. I have to admit that the setting was gorgeous but it was his instruction that made me feel powerful and uplifted for several days afterward! Do not miss his yoga classes because I know it is one of the best things to do while at the Cape! Mary Jean, October 2012

You are awesome. Thanks for everything. Your class added pazaz to my vacation in P-Town. Looking forward to seeing you again. Stacy, Summer 2012

We’ve so enjoyed these weeks of yoga on the Boatslip Deck. Thanks for your warmth, wit and wisdom. Maria and Jane, August 2012

Thanks for doing that which you do. It enriches my life in so many ways. Todd, Ptown, July 2012

I took one of your classes at The Boatslip on a very hot Friday last July 2011. At the time, I had only been practicing yoga for about 3 months. Since then, I have been attending classes with my usual instructors at my local Y and have been a guest a various other classes about twice a week. I wanted to let you know that out of all the classes I have taken, yours is still one of my favorites. I recall it almost every time I practice and picture myself on the deck enjoying all the good energy and beautiful views. I just wanted you to know that you have a big fan in New York. Thank you! Namaste, Brooke F, New York

“Loved it! It was a great workout and you crack me up.” June 2012, Karen C, CT

“Imagine starting your morning with yoga, sunrise over a beautiful harbor, and just enough humor to put a smile on your face. This is what Will’s 8am M.W.F. classes at the Boat Slip are all about. Will is an articulate gifted practitioner, trained at Kripalu, yet he lightens up the practice with just the right amount of Provincetown irreverence – reminding us all not to take ourselves too seriously. Having practiced yoga for 13 years with many instructors, I can say his classes are excellent and are friendly for all levels of students. Rain or shine, I always walk away happy that I was there!” Stephanie, Boston, 5/31/12

“I want to especially thank you for the stretchy yoga class yesterday (5/28/12)- so relaxing.  I had the best nights’ sleep I’ve had in ages last night!!  I’m persuaded it is the happy yoga. Kristina, Truro, MA

“I visited Provincetown in May 2012 and was referred by the locals to take this class at the Boat Slip and I am so delighted I did. With a very rigorous and established personal yoga practice in NYC–Will’s class was exactly what I needed for this week retreat–the class was a correct and lovely blend of yoga principles, Pilates, stretching–a healing, humorous, lively walking meditation. If you are searching for an aerobic yoga session, this may not be the one for you–but do come for a well thought out, precise exercise of the discipline’s fundamentals–alignment, posture, and methods all taught with a lively and non-judgmental vibe outdoors!  Will Coons’ adjustments are right on and exactly the tweaking a seasoned yogi as myself needed to correct even my overlooked bad habits. Mr. Coons is well trained in fundamentals and what a witty teacher as well–not a dull moment.  Come for a stretch, a laugh, a break from sometimes self righteous crunchy yoga studios’teachings–and enjoy something more community, regular, and just delightful in P-Town’s great beach landscape.  Gerard, NYC

“Starting my day with Will’s class on the deck is the best way to center myself before I head to work on Commercial St. I highly recommend it!” Katie L., Provincetown

“I have attended several of Will’s classes over the past few years and can’t think of a better way to start the day in Provincetown. The outdoor setting is spectacular and Will has a really nice style which ensures that everyone has a great session. Will has a unique way of injecting humor, local Ptown “stories” and overall motivation into his instructions which keeps everyone going. His positive “can do” attitude is really helpful and he gives everyone the right level of attention. A truly Ptown experience that I would recommend to anyone who has an interest in yoga.” Ed, Boston

“I only attended a few classes this summer but got a lot out of them. And the few friends I’ve brought along to your class who have never practiced yoga before are already back home encouraged to learn more. You’re a great inspiration and have  helped many (including me) to try something new. Plus, we all agree that you are lots of fun! Provincetown has always been such a special place to me and people like you help explain why. Thanks for showing us how to stretch.” Kevin F.

“Will, Thank you. You have given me access to yoga that I have tried to find elsewhere, coast to coast. I am a lifetime athlete but a newbie at your art and craft. Yet with you by the sea, anything seems possible.” – Susan, Cape Cod

“The outside yoga class is incredible!” – Tim, Boston

“Your spirit is always so upbeat and terrific. You have a real ability to focus on the here and now and you have a sense of gratitude for the good things and people that fill our lives. I enjoy your outlook and perspective.” – Steven, Syracuse, NY

“I once took a yoga class with you when I was in a very difficult place in my life and you were wonderful and it helped me to get through.” – Gail, Cape Cod

“Will Coons is the best yoga teacher that I have ever had. Every class is different so that one never gets bored with a routine. My body, heart and spirit feel nurtured by Will’s wisdom and his sense of humor.” – Kristina Bird – Paintings Conservator

“I love the flow of the class. The way one is brought to reach his/her limits and to feel the infinitive possibilities our bodies can reach. Will helps and challenges us, with so much respect, on our journey into the discovery of the possibilities of our movements.” – Luciano Aimar, Teacher, Boston Ballet School

“Will teaches a solid, safe and fun yoga class. He has a gifted ability to present a class that fits for all levels of students. There are always a great variety of poses and truly challenging moments in a class where a healthy laugh is a most pleasant constant.” – Conny, Artist

“I have known Will for several years and have been lucky enough to have had regular massages with him and to take his yoga classes. As for his yoga classes, for someone who was very new to yoga and in his 50’s, Will was a great teacher and provided a safe place to learn. Each class was challenging, focused and spiritual. I was amazed how quickly my body responded to his teaching and guidance.” – Stephen Mascilo, www.oxfordguesthouse.com

“What a great way to start your day! Will’s unique yoga practice combines traditional hatha asanas and a big dose of humor. Its just the thing you need to start your morning in Provincetown.” – Scott Huddle