Bodywork Description

I specialize in deep tissue therapeutic massage, pressure point work and stretching. Also, I can offer a relaxation massage incorporating long flowing strokes designed to reconnect you to your body.

When I work with someone, I identify areas of holding and tension and try to help alleviate pain. I can help you to feel your body, increase your body awareness and perhaps invite you to be in the moment, relax, and breathe fully, deeply and peacefully.

Before we begin, we talk. You tell me about your body – your aches and pains, or injuries or fears – and we tailor your session to your needs. Touch may be deep or moderate. It is your responsibility to share any health issues or problems which might affect your massage. I will respect your wishes. If you don’t want your tummy touched, I won’t; if you want the focus to be on your shoulders, I will. You choose the type of massage cream, aromatherapy, and how warm you would like to feel.

My philosophy is to treat you with dignity and to listen to your body with the ears of my heart.  In return, you will treat me with respect by showing up on time, paying on time, treating me as a highly educated and trained professional, and being freshly showered.

My bodywork is integrative. This means that I incorporate various techniques which I have learned into each session. These techniques may include Swedish, Shiatsu, Sports, Yoga, Breema, Lomi Lomi, myofascial release, and/or other techniques.

Massage is not appropriate if you have open wounds, active herpes, lice, scabies, poison ivy, the cold or flu, a fever, Covid or any potentially contagious skin or respiratory condition. I don’t discriminate and gladly work with anyone, but my massage table can only safely accommodate those who weigh less than 280 pounds.

If you are in Provincetown looking for a massage  please contact one of the independent massage therapists I have listed under Resources.

I am a  long time member of the Association of Bodywork and Massage Professionals (ABMP) and am licensed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Division of Professional Licensure, Board of Massage Therapy.