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November 2012: It’s been on my mind (for months, I’d estimate) to thank you for your great gift of an introduction to QiGong. My practice waxes and wanes, a bit (and I wish I was a bit more consistent), but it has been a constant presence in my life since spring – and a wonderful supplement to my walking practice. The best part, perhaps, is how readily the practice can be pulled out (anytime, anywhere) for a little loosening and energizing. practice for a while at the mid-point of an energetic hike, and then again when I’m cooling down at home. I can even do it in the steam for a gentle opening of the stiff joints. It kept me from being so sedentary through the hot months (when I can’t get myself to do a real workout). As you foresaw, it has been the perfect complement to my life, and it is continuing to reopen me after those years of stuckness. I am deeply grateful – to you, and to the whole lineage of those who’ve brought this lovely practice to us. C.H., N. Truro, MA