Yoga Description

My style of teaching is heart based, eclectic, fun, unorthodox, original, unique and non-traditional with a fair dose of irreverent humor. I believe in the value of a physical practice and the internal meditative states it can foster, I am not a yoga purist. In many ways I am a ‘starter’ yoga teacher from whom you can learn and eventually migrate on to more advanced practices.

I intermix Kripalu hatha yoga (as well as other styles I have learned and observed) with mat Pilates, QiGong and general athletic stretches, varying from stasis to flow. Sometimes we Om but usually we don’t, there is no chanting and I use only English to describe postures. I offer assists and use detailed verbal cues, offering modifications for you to either step it up a notch or tone it down (“listen with the ears of your heart”, play with the edge and explore your discomfort zone.

I have completed Kripalu’s 200 hour yoga teacher training class and taken hundreds of hours of additional workshops. In additionI am a  long time member of the Association of Bodywork and Massage Professionals (ABMP) and am licensed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Division of Professional Licensure, Board of Massage Therapy.