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Thank you very much for the massage yesterday, Will!  My whole body feels wonderful, like I had a complete overhaul and tune-up from head to toe.  Last night as I was getting ready for bed, I was thinking to myself, “Gosh….I actually like the way my body feels right now….maybe there’s still hope for this aging bag of bones after all!”  Again, many thanks!☺ Glenn K, Ptown, June 2017

Wow! An awesome massage and warm conversation as well. I go to Will whenever we are in P’town…he’s talented and responds amazingly to whatever is tweaked or bothersome. Just a great knowledgable massage professional! Phillip R, New Jersey, August 2016

Provincetown is lucky to have Will Coons around, with his deep knowledge of yoga and a variety of forms of massage. Whenever guests staying at my inn ask about yoga classes or getting a massage i point to Will’s card and send them on their way.  I have personally benefitted from his multi-level, jolly yoga class of a summer’s morning on the outdoor deck, as well as from his healing massage techniques. The intelligence he brings to his work is a pleasure.  As someone who has studied yoga in a few cities for more than twenty years, i can tell you he ranks very high among the teachers i have encountered.  On top of that he has a generous, kind way about him that makes it a pleasure to bump into him.  Sincerely, Mary J. Martin,Proprietor, White Horse Inn, Provincetown, Massachusetts June 2016

After my massage today I asked Will Coons to marry me…that’s just wrong on sooooo many levels but, it was that good… Donna P, Ptown and Boston, May 2016

A Will Coons massage got me ready for the season in June. The one yesterday will take me through Halloween and beyond. My back feels so much better! Tom C, Boston and Ptown, October 2015

Attention all Ptown visitors…I had amazing therapeutic/reenergizing/relaxing massage yesterday by Mr. Will Coons…the man with the hands! He always seems to bring what the body needs. Thanks for the “reset” Will. Tommy C, Los Angeles, July 2015

Happy Feet after an amazing foot massage by Will Coons! Time for a napfeeling relaxed. Patti M-M, Provincetown, MA July 2015

I’ve had massage in multiple countries and states. This massage is the BEST I’ve ever had. I’m actually a little sad–will I ever find another so good? Will is amazing..such skill..extraordinarily professional. If you love massage or even if you’re a newbie you don’t want to miss this experience. Thanks Will! Ashley R, Kansas City, July 2015

Will Coons is an outstanding massage therapist and I had a wonderful experience with him. Will was generous with his time: he saw me in the evening—and on very short notice—when I was in the midst of an extremely painful total back spasm. He was gentle and kind from the outset, and took me through every step of what he was going to do. I never felt rushed or on the clock. He asked me which oils and scents I would prefer, then proceeded to identify where my pain was located after patiently listening to my concerns. His knowledge of the human body was impressive; I felt like I was having a true body work session instead of a regular massage. I would also add that his rates are very reasonable. Will is a healer, and I am pleased to recommend him very highly. Matt C, NYC, July 2015

I had a customer in my store today raving how awesome her massage with you was. Nice work. Todd C, Ptown, May 22, 2015

Will knows the body. He gave me a terrific deep massage. His knowledge of yoga is helpful for stretching. He makes you feel comfortable from the onset. A definite repeat is in my future. John C., NYC, March 2015

Just had my first massage with Will Coons…what could i say..the best i’ve ever had ! It’s a must try experience ! Thanks Will ! I will be back for sure 🙂 Dimitar P, Provincetown, December 2014

Thanks for the massage today. Was amazing. Trevor, Provincetown, October 2014

I spend the summers in Provincetown, and my week is not complete without a massage from Will.  He keeps my body centered and ready for all the walking, biking and dancing I enjoy.  He’s also the only massage therapist my husband will go to.  Will is fun and a good source of information about what’s going on around town.  He’s the best! Jack H., Provincetown and Northampton, September 2014

Thank you again for today. I think that was the best massage you’ve ever given me (partially because I was in so much pain beforehand). David C, Provincetown, August 2014

Thank you! I feel amazing! Sean M, Boston, July 2014

Just wanted to let you know that my neck pain is completely gone!  I can drive safely again.  I’ve been doing the exercises that you recommended and treating the muscles with moist heat, and this morning not a twinge remains.  Thank you so much. Louanne, Provincetown, 2012

I loved meeting you, taking your classes and having that scrumptious massage! JP, Phoenix, AZ

Thanks for an amazing massage!!! You are truly gifted. Michael S, NYC

Awesome! Mike, Boston

After your massage, I am much better today!  No creaky neck and that feeling of needing to adjust it all the time.   And the shoulders and hips are better too.    I swam a mile this morning and all was good. Jim F, Provincetown

“Your massages are divine!” Doug C., Philadelphia

“The best hour of my life”  Todd W, Provincetown

“Thank You StillPointWithin: Massage and Yoga with Will Coons! for an AMAZING massage, no more knots! Time to start standing up straight like a human again 😉 Joseph D, Provincetown

“”Your touch and energy is truly unique, special and amazing.” – Ed & Jay, CT

“I want to thank you again for THE Best massage I have ever received, truly an amazing and detoxing experiencing with lots of good body reaction to your touch.” – Mark, Durango, CO

“I wanted to let you know how good and effective my massage was. The tension and knots in my shoulder blades are gone and I actually do have a bit more movement in my shoulder.” Gail, Vermont

“You are the best masseur I have ever had. Your grace and ease and caring, but firm, touch is a taste of heaven. I always leave your table with a new body, floating on air.” – Christine Frisco, Yoga Instructor

“I have to thank you for a wonderful massage. Your kind words and peaceful manner put me at ease immediately and I was able to relax and enjoy your healing touch. I was happily without neck pain for the entire day! I look forward to once again put myself in your able hands.” – Loren, Long Island, NY

“When I’ve tickled the ivories for too long and my neck’s in knots one session with Will removes them all and I leave walking on a cloud. He’s the best!” – Zoe Lewis (band in a body)

“When I think of being massaged, I think of being cared for, being vulnerable while feeling safe in a caring, loving and nurturing environment.This is how I feel when I am massaged by Will. He is one of the most giving, loving, and caring,individuals I have known in my life.” – Jeff Diaz,www.inseamclothing.com

“Will has a natural ability in his massage practice. I think both his knowledge and skill levels are exceptional in the various techniques of massage that he uses. He has an easy and gentle approach in communicating about massage work to be done. His physical strength and intuitive sense for body work makes every massage I’ve had a totally positive experience.” – Conny, Artist

“I have been a faithful massage client of Will Coons for several years. As a middle-aged woman with chronic spinal problems I rely on Will’s experienced, attentive and confident touch to release me from nagging pain, identify and ease tension in problem areas, and offer a much-needed opportunity to relax in a safe and nurturing place. Will is a true professional who treats his clients with unwavering compassion and respect.” – Susie Seligson, Author, North Truro

“I have known Will for several years and have been lucky enough to have had regular massages with him and to take his yoga classes. He helped me recover from a back injury following a two-storey fall. My physical therapist said that my recovered was accelerated because of his ‘magic touch’. I cannot thank him enough for the care, energy and relief he gave me. Will is one of the best massage therapists I have experienced. I came to look forward to my weekly massages as a ‘just me’ time and an hour to recharge my batteries.” – Stephen Mascilo,www.oxfordguesthouse.com

“When I want to treat myself to something special, Will’s massage is certainly high on that list. Those hands are very knowledgeable.” – Joahnnes Hüsson-Coté, Provincetown

“On an energetic level, Will taps into the entire mind-body connection. Through the combination of assisted yoga and massage therapies, his skilled technique unifies the parts of us that have become disconnected and stagnant. I always leave my session feeling relaxed and whole.” – Doug DiMartile, Candidate M.A. Clinical Psychology

“I scheduled a massage for my partner (a big guy: 6’5″, 240#). He enjoyed the massage, it was probably one of the best he has ever had.” – Greg and Ken, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

“Masseur extraordinare: my circulation is better, my body feels a bit more balanced and the massage itself is superb.” – Linda Schlechter

“Will has a wonderful gift for therapeutic massage… A terrific combination of strong hands, an intuitive sense of just how to relieve stress through healing touch, and a kind and gentle personality. You won’t be disappointed!” – Mark Baker, former Chair of the Provincetown Board of Health.