Class Schedule

Yoga on the Boatslip Deck will continue throughout the summer, rain or shine, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning; class begins at 7:30am. Please note the time change!

The week of July 26-31 is both Whale Week and Family Week, so a small treat will be offered then; and of course the big one, Carnival, is the week of August 15-21 and if the sun is shining on Wednesday August 19th, that’s when I will be giving out my handmade Carnival parade necklaces (I also did overkill and may have some additional treats too!). The theme this year is CANDYLAND, so get your Mr. Goodbar on, stick a blow pop in your mouth and let’s all share the love.

Here is a quick article on exercise I recommend:

And in closing, a good quote to think about:

Your mind is a garden,

your thoughts are the seeds.

You can grow flowers,

or you can grow weeds.

Thank you for your support and participation! May your garden flourish.

Also, Check out this video – while few of us are capable of this level of balance, fitness and flexibility, it reminds us that there are many ways to fly. This is grace in motion:

Many additional yoga options are available at Yoga East